Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to get rid of those pesky garden slugs

I have several flower containers in the backyard that have been doing great this summer....until a family of slugs moved in.  I was so disappointed to look out one day and see that all the flowers were wilted and the greenery full of holes and slime!

I found this website, Gardening Know How, that has lots of good information on slugs.  One thing the site recommended was a cup of beer!  Who knew slugs like to drink?

I put a small cup of beer in each container.  The idea is they climb in for a drink and drown because they can't get back out.

One slug was brave enough to be in the yard that day, so I tested it out on him.  Sure enough he went for it, in broad daylight!

We were away for the weekend, but when I got home and checked the pots, I had a total of 6 slugs.   I like to think they went happily....drunk on beer.

Any pesky critters disrupting your garden this summer?

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