Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Curtain inspiration turned into reality ~

If you enjoy decorating, and you don't already receive Ballard Designs catalog, order it now!  Their catalog is full of decorating inspiration and gorgeous products.

Page 95 of the June 2014 catalog caught my eye most recently.  The curtains in this bedroom are hung from hooks, no rods needed.  Unfortunately, the picture I found on the web cuts off the hooks. 

Here's my phone picture of the catalog page.

We have some challenging windows in our Master Bedroom.  There are 4 tall windows on a curve, with 4 small windows above them.  I love all the natural light.

I'm aiming for a relaxed feel in here, and don't want anything heavy, so I borrowed the idea of attaching the curtains to hooks.

I'm trying to keep the cost down as well.  These inexpensive sheers from Cost Plus seemed to do the trick.  They came with 7 hanging loops on each panel, but I only needed 3 loops for 3 hooks, so I trimmed the extra loops off. 

Here they are with the loops gone.

Hooks are from Target.

Now to find some interesting tie back hardware....right now they're just pinned.

What catalogs inspire you?

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