Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where It All Happens - The Family Room

Our new house has a very open concept with high ceilings.  Here's the family room where all the real living happens (or all the lounging after busy days).

One of my husband's our first purchases was a TV that would fit perfectly in that built in space.  Not an inch left on either side!  Now, how to hide those cords???

We moved in with a sofa and two chairs for this room, but with two teenagers and two parents ready to stretch out at 9:00 at night we agreed a sectional (this is from Macy's) was needed.  Trust me, we make great use of this large piece!

I'm trying to find a round coffee table for in here, but no luck yet.  And, I'm still trying to figure out what to put on the mantel of the massive stone fireplace.  I'm thinking something simple because the stone is pretty (and busy) on it's own....hmmmmm....any suggestions?

 photo blogsig_zpsa22f9886.png


  1. Love your room, very attractive. We also have high ceilings and an open concept and love it. For the fireplace, I would find the most attractive piece of pottery that you can that works with the colors you have and if it has an opening put natural twigs or vines. Something like willow or on that order. Real simple and clean so not to clutter the beauty of your fireplace. PS It is a "keeper".

  2. Gorgeous! I was going to say something simple on the mantel to not compete with the stone. We have a huge sectional that we love and use and a square leather ottoman. Both from Crate and Barrel.

  3. Two things, I meant to say curly willow for the pottery. Also, I love this for a coffee table for your area...


    1. Thanks for the great suggestions. That's actually one of the coffee tables I've been looking at! Love anything from Ballard :)