Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chalkboard for a teens room

We're in the middle of decorating my 13 year old daughter's new bedroom.  One of her requests was to have a chalkboard wall in her new room.  I wasn't on board with doing a whole wall in chalkboard paint (can you imagine the chalk dust?).  We compromised on a smaller chalkboard.

I looked at several Goodwill's for a large frame to re-furbish for this project, but had no luck.  I ended up buying the cheapest, large frame, I could find at Target.  The frame is 24" x 36".  I disassembled the frame/glass/backing, using only the frame itself for this project.  It had been black before I got to it with some white gloss spray paint.  

I taped off an area on the wall a little larger than the 24" x 36" frame opening so none of the wall color would show through the inside frames edges, and painted directly on the wall.

The frame "lip" also serves as a great spot to rest your chalk.

The entire wall is more of a gallery wall of art. 

The art includes a canvas of our dog, Sadie, a photo of my daughter's hands with ice cream and lots of colorful bracelets, and other miscellaneous stuff. 

She likes quotes about smiling :)

Keep on smiling!

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