Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A little space to hide ~

As my kids are entering their teenage years, I'm finding I need a place to hide on occasion.  Over the weekend I created my little "getaway" on the balcony off our bedroom.

This is how it looked before.


We haven't used the balcony much because when you sit you're at eye level with the railing, which doesn't leave much scenery.  This is the view.  You used to see a lot more of the houses behind us, but all the trees have really grown!

And, this is the view below of our patio.


As I find myself needing to getaway more and more, I decided I didn't need a view....just a little peace and quiet.

I like being out there and just listening to the sounds around me, or taking a book to enjoy! 

You see that cucumber water?  A friend shared that combo with me, tastes like you're at the spa!

My kids couldn't find me a couple of times over the weekend, but now I think they're on to me.

How do you getaway?

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! I wish my house was 2 story so I could have a balcony!