Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goodbye February - Don't Let the Door Hit Ya...

I usually don't have anything against the month of February, but this year I'm happy to see it go.

February began for me with what I believe was the Noro Virus.  When I say awful stomach thing, I mean A-W-F-U-L, and it took a good week to bounce back! I'm usually tougher than that?!

Next came mice in our house (I cringe just typing that).  There's nothing worse than seeing those disgusting little pellets they leave behind, in this case under our kitchen sink, (well maybe the Noro Virus?).  My husband said he'd get right on it when he got home from work....I couldn't wait.  Pest control to the rescue!  They've made several visits, and have sealed every opening in our crawl space, leaving traps down there for "anybody" who didn't get out in time.  So far, so good!

And to finish out the month, JURY DUTY.  I have to admit, I haven't had jury duty since some time in the 90's, so this wasn't completely unfair.  I was hoping not to be selected but, of course, I was called in the 1st round.  It actually only took 2 full days, but it was completely exhausting.  It's emotionally draining listening to all the testimony and deciding the outcome of someone's future.  It was a DUI/assault case.  No fun!

So.....Welcome March!  

It's good to see you...



  1. Ughhhh!!! You poor girl!!! March will bring happiness and joy!!! :-) I just wish it would bring some warm weather! We are getting 5 to 12 inches of snow today. I am so over it!!!

  2. Glad you're feeling better & hopefully March will be better!

  3. Hope March brings you happier days! I hate mice and viruses AND jury duty too! I must say, other than allergies I have not been sick in a LONG time! (Knock on wood!)