Tuesday, March 19, 2013

e.a.t. and a gallery wall

I've always wanted a little something over this doorway in our kitchen.

And, now I have it!

I purchased some inexpensive 5x5 frames, ran some burlap 
through the printer and voila!

Another quickie project this week was a gallery wall in our powder room.

 We're headed south for Spring Break and I'm hoping to find some 
other 'trinket' to replace the starfish inside the large frame.

Have you been working on any projects this week, small or large?



  1. I like your wall! Enjoy your trip. It sounds wonderful!

  2. I love the bird pic in your bathroom! I haven't done the first project.

  3. Thanks, Traci. I actually just downloaded that bird from a website with free printable pics.

  4. I really love that E.A.T. sign. Pinned in for later. :-)

  5. That's a neat trick. I like the E A T over the door.