Monday, February 25, 2013

Boot Camp!

I used to be a regular gym goer, until I got burnout on the whole gym thing. 

 It's been over a year since I exercised regularly.

As I'm getting older though, my body is telling me "this is not the time to get burnout on exercising".

  You have to work twice as hard to lose weight, maintain muscle, and have energy.  

So, last week I started going here.....Savage Gym.....for BOOT CAMP!

It may not look like much (there's actually more equipment than shown in this photo), but the girl in charge of the boot camp does a great job of setting up various stations for us to move through for 1 minute of strengthening and 2 minutes of cardio, 2x in each station.

There are about 6 ladies and we move through the stations doing squats with weights, jump rope, ab work, planks, lunges, and more!  And, the workout changes a little each time, which is what I need to hold my interest.

Today we did this......I have a whole new appreciation for those contestants on The Biggest Loser.

We even swing sledgehammers into tires.....

I was sore over the weekend, to say the least, but it was a good sore.  

So far it's actually been fun, hard, but fun.  Crazy I know.....but it's all women talking (like we do so well), sharing and laughing while trying to breath and control the sweat dripping down our faces.

I'm hoping to stick with it.  Wish me luck!

(although tomorrow I'm off to jury duty....)

Have a great week!



  1. It does sound fun!!! I love that Yoglates changes every week. I get bored way too easy. Good luck with jury duty!

  2. I know it!! Getting older :-/
    Due to illness I have had to take it east for the last year, 2012 that is. Was given the go ahead to begin light workout.. cardio only on the 2nd of January, and then on the 21st was given the go ahead. I think I called my trainer on the way form the Dr's appt. Sooo fast forward 5 weeks later, I am back in tune with it all. At my age... and we;;, let's just say I am 40+ (hahahahaha) more plus than 40. I still have pretty great muscle memory and it took me 3 weeks to get it to where I could see the difference. I am doing well. Hang in there. My trainer keeps it moving and fresh. I never know what I'll be doing besides my 1/2 brisk walking 5 days a week and that is in addition to my regular workout.
    Your routine sounds like fun!

  3. That is great, Petie! You have been busy... I'm sad I have to keep up with you through your blog when I basically live next door.