Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New office desk

I mentioned last week that I thought I could see into my future when I posted this....I see this desk in my future ~

While I was at World Market Friday, I asked about the campaign desk and was told they had one at another store and I could pick it up on Saturday.  It was regularly $229.00 on sale for $199.99, and for being a "rewards member", I got an additional 10% off - making the desk $179.99.  The good news doesn't stop there though.....

I had to be out Saturday with my daughter, so my husband was kind enough to pick it up and assemble it before I got home! 

These pull out extensions are on both ends for extra work space.

I'm enjoying this cross bar below as an occasional foot rest.

Yesterday I treated myself to this little brass bowl from the Nate Berkus collection at Target.

Loving it!

What are you seeing in your future?



  1. I REALLY love this desk! It's looks great! In my future I see a Tory Burch bag that I saw yesterday. LOVE LOVE LOVE but it won't be the near future for sure. That's ok, something to look forward to.

  2. It looks fantastic!! We're on the hunt for a new desk over here - it hasn't been my favorite project, haha. We need a two person desk, and it looks like we're going to have to DIY one. As much as I love DIY-ing stuff, sometimes I wish I could just find something already done and made. It'd make my life so much easier.

  3. I love that! I am looking for something and I can't decide between wood, white, black or gray!!! I like them all! I love that it has a foot rest too! So pretty!

  4. Very nice! What did you do with the old one... oh, maybe I saw it the other day- in the living room?