Tuesday, January 29, 2013

If you're ever in Smyrna, GA...

Just outside Atlanta, in Smyrna, GA, is where my sister-in-law and her business partner own the cutest shop....The Honeybee.  If you live in the area, or are just visiting, I highly recommend it for a great shopping experience.  The Honeybee has the cutest clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

They've recently expanded with The Bird & the Bee, a home and garden store adjacent to The Honeybee.  So many cute items!

 Here's just some of the photos from their facebook page at The Honeybee.


Many of their gorgeous items are from local artists.

 Don't you love the use of the old paint splotched ladder for hanging these gorgeous dresses?

 The following photos are from The Bird & the Bees facebook page.


 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshops are offered here.

And they sell the paint in the store.

Here are some other pretties from the store...

Pot covers for your plants.

Tea towels

Basket chandeliers

Bike baskets

Pallet art

I've told my sister-in-law that if we lived in Smyrna, I would work for her for free.  

Such cute stuff! 

Hope your week if off to a good start.



  1. Looks like my kind of store! what great stuff!! The workshop is a great idea to. How fun!

  2. The store looks amazing!! If I'm ever in the area I'll be sure to check it out.

  3. I would love this store - too bad I am 600 miles away lol.
    I want that dress :-)

  4. Oh Georgia - I miss my home state :( And seriously, there is a striped maxi skirt in one of those pictures that I am dying over. I would so love to have that in my wardrobe.

  5. Cute Cute Cute. Too bad I'm in Texas and a good thing my daughter is. She'd be broke if she lived near Smyrna, Ga. LOL