Wednesday, December 12, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree ~

 Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are fortunate to have acres and acres of  beautiful trees
 to choose from.  I've been wanting a noble like this for years...with lots of space in between.

I've gone with gold and cream colored ornaments for the past few years.  

Burlap garland adds great texture.

This year I added these cute birdhouses from Target. 

I like to use stems throughout the branches.

I like to think our tree has an enchanted forest feel with all the critters sprinkled throughout.

A couple of other vignettes throughout the house are in creams as well.

These are peanut butter jars!

Who's ready to toast the holidays?


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Have a great weekend!


  1. Really pretty - those bird houses are lovely and sweet :-)

  2. My very first experience with a noble fir was when I lived just outside Seattle in Normandy Park. At first I was taken aback when I realized that was the tree we were getting. I thought it looked sort of "Charlie Brown-ish" but then when we started decorating it I discovered the joy of being able to see ALL the ornaments. With cathedral ceilings we needed a big tree and the noble fir was perfect.

    Your tree is beautiful and a lovely reminder of my time in the PacNW!

  3. I love your noble tree. :) I've never had one, but would love it. Don't know if they can be found in the Deep South. Beautiful!!

  4. I love your noble fir! I think that is what we had in Germany and because there was so much space between the levels, we were able to use real candles on the tree! We didn't leave them for long, but oh it was so pretty! I love your neutral palette! It is all looking so lovely!

  5. Gorgeous! I am a fan of the noble as well. I like how it allows enough room for the dangly ornaments to, well, dangle ;) Happy Holidays to you, and stay warm with the cold front that is heading our way!

  6. So pretty! Oh it's gorgeous! I love the burlap. I want to decorate our tree with this type of color scheme next year - it's so enchanting.

  7. Beautiful tree- love the burlap and the spaced out branches of the noble fir. Excellent!