Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year ~ almost!

We are headed here tomorrow.

Timberline Ski Resort at Mt Hood.

We're going to do some skiing, and enjoy a few days of ringing in the
new year with great friends who have this awesome cabin nearby.

Have you ever seen so much snow?

Hope you're all enjoying time with family and friends.

Happy New Year - see you in 2013!



  1. My mother was from Portland and I loved visiting my grandmother there. When we were first married, I took my husband there for a visit the first week of June. My grandmother drove us up to Timberline Lodge and in June, the snow was at the top of the lodge windows.

    It is a beautiful spot. Enjoy!

  2. How fun, sounds amazing! Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year to you!!! Have a wonderful time!