Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do you ever help your spouse select your Christmas gift?

Guilty, guilty, guilty!

I just happen to be looking at Ballards website a couple of weeks ago and 
saw a 48hr free shipping notice. 

 I had to help him!

I've been wanting a mirror over our family room mantel and this one was 
the perfect size, 24" diameter.

We I ordered it in the taupe color.

(and, oh yes, I've already hung it!)

Here's a close-up look.  

It has a great rustic-weathered vibe, but with the gold trim in the center it's not too casual.

I'm loving it!  

Thank, honey :)



  1. HAhaha! I love this! This year I gave my husband a very specific list and told him to pick one because I would love any of them. This way it's at least a little bit of a surprise? :)

  2. It looks lovely!!! Louis Dean bought his own gift from me this year.....a new electric roaster! He needed it before Christmas so he could cook his ham!

    LOVE your mirror and your mantle is beautiful. The greenery and the burlap ribbon just finish it off perfectly!!

  3. I love the color!! Very pretty! I often buy my own gifts. Usually, it's because I'm Christmas shopping & find more stuff for myself than anyone else. I buy it & say "Oh, this can be my Christmas". HAHA!