Friday, November 9, 2012

Updated Gel Rug

Are you familiar with "gel" rugs? 

Gel rugs have a spongy thickness, and they're supposed to make standing for any length of time; say washing dishes,  a little more comfortable.

I've seen them in lots of catalogs for anywhere from $70 - $100.  Luckily, I found mine a few years ago at TJ Maxx for about $20.

I recently saw this gel rug 'cover' advertised in the Solutions catalog.  

It inspired me to paint my rug.

I decided to update mine with  a chevron pattern.


The rug has a basket weave pattern already, so it was really easy to tape off for the chevron pattern.

I used Rust-Oleum spray paint that I had on hand (ivory silk), and added 
a top coat to protect the finish .  
I may add a coat of polyurethane later just to be sure it's sealed well.

This is what I got when I peeled off the Christmas morning!


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Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I have never heard of gel rugs before. Thanks for introducing them to me and for the tutorial on how to paint them. Yours looks great! Thanks for visiting me. I'm following you now! Have a great weekend Petie.

  2. how clever and I particularly love the end result. That chevron pattern looks great.

  3. adorable and of so clever!!! I love it!!!