Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Window Treatment for the Master Bath

We had awesome weather this past summer, so much so that I had to pull our old ugly bathroom curtains completely shut to keep some of the heat out.  I needed a shade!

I found a standard size shade at Home Depot for just $20.  I bought it knowing that I would have to trim a couple of inches from each side in order to make it fit inside the master bath window.

I used garden shears to carefully trim right along the thread line.

The garden shears left a bit of a rough edge that I sanded down to smooth it out some.

The header piece required a little sawing.

And here's the final result...fits perfectly!

I just hung it with these little hooks knowing that they'd never be seen once the curtain was up.

Next came a new curtain. 

This is a basic valance (because my sewing ability is very basic) on a tension rod....with a couple of layered pleats at the hem.

The vanity area.....trust me, it never looks this clean.

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  1. such a great idea on the shade! Love you bathroom decor too!

  2. wow, this looks so great and I love the fabric over top -- great idea! And I love that it doesn't cost a lot too. Great work

  3. oops, forgot to also mention: I love that mirror over the tub with the hooks. So smart and practical.

  4. Your bathroom is beautiful! Great job on the window treatment! I have zero sewing skills do I am totally impressed!

  5. Beautiful bathroom...I love your attention to detail!! Thanks for visiting my blog....I will follow yours!

  6. I've been wanting to use these shades in our dining room big picture window but they can be so expensive especially to get custom fit! This looks great! I have no sewing skills myself but I love that curtain you made!

  7. Love that fabric! Any idea where I can get some?

  8. Lovely! That is so great looking. I love the way you have the rope, balls and green leaves and twigs in the tall glass vase. And your vanity area is wonderful - isn't it fun to style an area like this for photos?! Even if it never looks so good in real everyday life :)

  9. That came out great! Your bath looks so nice! I love the fabric for your window treatment and the shade turned out great too.