Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Is Coming Early

My daughter is 11 years old (she'll be 12 in January) and she has developed some design ideas of her own when it comes to her bedroom.

She's wanted her bedroom painted blue for a while now (it's been pale green, lavender, and most recently, a neutral tan color....see here).  If you're doing the math, that's a new paint color every three years!!!

So, for her Christmas/Birthday presents this year....she's getting a blue room with a few added projects! 

We started on the blue bedroom this weekend.  It's kind of hard to tell here, but it's really more of a robins egg blue. 


She's also asked for a sign like this. 

She wants to have either the word SMILE or LAUGH defined. 

And, she needs a desk.  

 This one has made it's home in my sons room for the past
 few years with a 20  gallon gecko house on top of it.  

Wonder if that's how it got the crack in it?
 (it's going to be painted white just as soon as I repair it)

I have a few projects to keep me busy this week!

I'm hoping to keep some of them a secret so she won't see everything before Christmas day :)  

Are you working on any handmade or DIY Christmas presents?



  1. I love that you are so willing to let her change as she likes. I think that just inspires creativity! She is so creative anyway!! You are a good momma! No DIY for me this year. We are sending lots of gift cards as we are staying here and not going home. :-( I am sad to not be with family, but looking forward to just being relaxed and comfy with MY sweet small family!

  2. How fun to be able to do a little girls room! The extent of my DIYing this year has been making some bows to decorate with.

  3. I am redoing the girls bedroom too. Hopefully it will be fully finished before Christmas.