Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween costumes from the past ~

I took a walk down "Halloween" memory lane over the weekend!

Please excuse the sofa.  That belonged to my husband 
when we got married (and, yes, I still married him :)

Today, my daughter would probably not agree to be Buzz Light Year!

Ahh, the princess phase.  Do all 4 and 5 year old girls go through this?

My son was (and still is) a huge fan of the croc hunter!

My daughter looks a little scared of "croc hunter" here?!

The next year, still in the princess phase.....and croc hunter :)

By kindergarten, she updated to a ballerina!

Couldn't find my sons pic from this year :(

This was the beginning of the American Idol craze!

And, the "football craze" for my son!

I got in on the action this year too :)

By the next year, the "football craze" had influenced my daughter.  
(My husband went to the University of Alabama.....roll tide!)

And, the scary began...

Here, my son is the scary jester on the left, and my daughter, the Survivor contestant on the right.

And, last year, the "Emily In The Box".

I've finished my daughter's costume for this year.  I just need to get her in it for a picture.  
My son is 14 now and will probably throw something on at the last minute 
(because that's what 14 year old boys do).

Have you taken a peek at costumes past?


  1. I have a post like this planned for later in the week. It was so fun to find the old photos - Halloween is not the same!

  2. How cute!! I should do this!! I would love looking back on them all. Yours were so cute. I love the Croc Hunter! Your daughter has had some really creative ones as well.

  3. that's wonderful that you went through photos of their costumes through the years. Wouldn't that make a great gift for each of them when they get just a tad older (and sadly decide they are 'too old' for dressing up for Halloween)? Great post.

  4. They have been pretty amazing since the past, I have read the article and all the information I found in here were brilliant, We can still get some creative ideas from the past, Thank you for the share.