Sunday, September 9, 2012

Displaying Special Memories

I always get inspired when I'm flipping through the pages of a  Pottery Barn catalog, but this time was a little different.  This time it was this quote that got me thinking. "Display cannot be measured by worth.  IF AN OBJECT BRINGS BACK MEMORIES, put it out to display."

When I lost my dad a few years ago, this dog was one of the things I kept from his belongings.  We always had some kind of dog when I was growing up.  I think this was a gift someone gave to my dad.  It always makes me think of him, but I haven't had it out on display in a prominent place because it's not really my style. 

My dad lived on the MS Gulf Coast in 2005.  This dog made it through Hurricane Katrina and the 6' of water that got into my dads house.

Then I saw this cute dog online at ZGALLERIE and got more inspiration.  Maybe I could spray paint my dog to give him new life, but still have the special memories he brings me.  (I've assumed he's a "he" somewhere along the way.)

As always, I turned to my trusty Rust-Oleum spray paint.  This time in gloss white.

 And, while it was a tough decision to make, because I hated to lose the authenticity of my dads dog, I am happy with the end result. Thanks, Dad!



I hope to display "him" in a prominent place in our home office (once I re-do it in greys and whites) and enjoy the memories!


  1. What a special treasure. I love him all white and original! That is amazing what all he has been through. He will now be a wonderful part of your home!

  2. Why, he's gorgeous in white! I love the items that came from our family. I'll have to take another look at the ones I'm not displaying and see if I can give them new life like you did! -- Min