Monday, September 19, 2011

Living Room Shuffle

A little rearranging took place in our living room over the weekend.  I've never had a 
U-shaped seating area in this room, but after watching Nate last week I got inspired.

The 2 side chairs don't match, but they don't have to, right? 
I finally found some throw pillows that pick up a touch of the blue in the curtains.
Thank you, Marshall's!

This matted painting reminds me a little of my son/daughter.
These are some rocks we've collected at various beaches.

Nate also inspired me to use some of my daughter's necklaces for accessories.  

This is the other side of the room that has always been a thorn in my side,
because of the stairwell the wall is cut off (see the white molding at right)
making it hard to arrange.  The keyboard is also hard to decorate around.  
I'm considering a keyboard 'skirt' of some kind to soften it up.

Have you shuffled any furniture lately?


  1. I love the u-shape! I also love two couches facing. I tried to do that in our living room but my husband kept pushing them back against the walls. Men...sometimes they don't get it!!! I love your pillows and how they pull in the blue of the curtains. It looks fabulous and cozy in there!

  2. Very comfy looking. Love the aqua accents. Maybe if you made a tall skinny table-kind of like a tall sofa table and slid the keyboard under it. Then you could make a to the floor fitted cloth for it. It would make a great sideboard and the keyboard would be very easy to pull out when neede.

  3. I saw that Nate show as well, I haven't put any of the ideas into motion, but plan too soon. PS I love that the chairs don't match