Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hydrangeas Year Round

This is my 1st attempt at drying Hydrangeas.
I love them in the garden and want to see if I can enjoy them inside year round.

  These are the instructions I got off of google: 

Cut each flower with a 12 - 18" stem attached.
Remove all the leaves from the stems.
Place the freshly cut flowers in a vase with fresh water.
Make sure the stems are at least half covered with water.
Move the vase to a cool spot, out of direct sunlight.

  The flowers will still look attractive and can be used for display. Don't add more water as the 
water in the vase evaporates. It’s just there to allow your hydrangeas to dry naturally, rather 
than simply dry out. Once the water is totally evaporated, your hydrangeas should 
feel dry to the touch and ready to use.
 Wish me luck! 
Do you know any tips for drying hydrangeas or other flowers?


  1. I have done this procedure exactly as you have posted, and it works! But, I do want to share something. They looked great (mine were blue), I placed them on a tray in my bedroom for about a year. But, decided to put them under a cloche in the bathroom. Unfortunately, this was not wise. They started turning brown on the petals and lost color. Really can't explain if it was being under the cloche with no air or if maybe moisture from bathroom did get to them under there. Wishing you the best with yours.

  2. I had no idea this could be done. How neat!

  3. I've done the same process also, plus one step. I burned the tips before I put them in the water to dry. They still look great two years later!

  4. You're on the right track. I've done this many times, but in the past is use to clean them of the leaves, except the very top couple. I tied a bundle of them with twine and hung them upside down in my spare bathroom shower that was never used in the cool and dark. It worked also, but your way is easier.

  5. I've heard it's that easy to do, but have never done it myself. Good luck! Hope it works out.