Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baking for the dogs!

My daughter is quite the dog/animal lover.  She has decided for her 11th birthday (which isn't 
until January) that she wants to have friends over to bake dog treats to take to the Humane 
Society.  She's been on their website searching for ways to help the animals at the shelter. 
The Humane Society posts recipes for homemade dog treats.  My daughter printed the 
recipes last weekend and we got busy baking.

  These are the Cheesy Dog Cookies.
 We found these cute cookie cutters at Joanns.

Ready to bake!

 And, of course, we had to let our favorite dog do a taste test.   She loved them.
 We're planning to go to the Humane Society this weekend to visit with the animals and 
ask what kind of donations are needed.  My daughter is planning to ask her friends to bring
a special toy or treat for the animals in lieu of birthday gifts this year.   I'm so proud of her!


  1. I am proud of her!!! How do you do that? Raise a kid to be like that? Could you write it all down for me??? :-) What a wonderful kid you have there!

  2. I want to make some! I bet my little Lucy would love them! Great idea.....

  3. Lovely idea and what a lovely daughter you have! x Sharon

  4. This touches my heart as I am a huge animal lover! I used to make dog biscuits for all the dogs in the neighborhood for Christmas. Of course they all came by at least once a day to visit with me while I was working in the garden. At Christmas I would also tie red bows on their necks. It was funny to look down the street and see the look of surprise on the owners face-and them looking around like they were on candid camera.

  5. That's awesome! What a wonderful idea! You should be a very proud momma!

  6. How sweet! It's realy a wonderful idea.