Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Reads

I have done more reading this summer than I have in a long time.  
Nothing too in-depth, but reading for sheer pleasure.  

I loved The Help by Kathryn Stockett (you've all probably heard of this book by now).  
I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the movie.

While in Target one day, I was checking out the book aisle and picked up The Beach Trees by
Karen White.  The synopsis on the back of the book shared that this fictional story was based 
on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in the New Orleans area post Hurricane Katrina.  This 
intrigued me because I grew up on the MS Gulf Coast.  It was a great read for me, and I 
thoroughly enjoyed the familiarity of some of the landmarks mentioned.

At this point, I wanted to try another book by Karen White.  Next on my list was The Color of Light
I could not put this book down, and really enjoyed trying to figure out the plot.  I must admit, this story haunted my thoughts (not in a scary way) for about 24 hours after finishing it.

Now I'm hooked on Karen White and in the middle of reading Falling Home.  I'm really enjoying the story (although I'm finding it a little predictable), and curious to see if the ending will have me searching for another Karen White book or moving on to a new author.

What have you been reading this summer?  
I would love some recommendations.
 Do you find an author you like and stick with them, or mix it up a bit?


  1. I'd like to say I read some fantastic books this summer, but I can't think of one. I did read(like a novel, cover to cover) through a couple of fantastic cookbooks, but I don't think those count. I usually don't get quiet reading time until the kids are back in school. Terrific recommendations, though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just saw the movie "The Help"...one word...OUTSTANDING!!!!


  3. I dont get the time to read much anymore (except blogs that is) I used to love a good read to relax but i am off on holiday to florida in October & with a 9 hour flight ahead ill be making the most of it. Ive not read anything by Karen White but may just have to give these a go. thanks for sharing have a great weekend

  4. i love the author elizabeth berg. anything by her is good. i am currently reading a book called consuming passions by michael lee west. it's part cookbook, part nonfiction. it's all about southern cooking. always makes me hungry! your recommendations look good-i'll have to check them out!