Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm back!!!

Wow!  I think my last post was June 2nd, two weeks before school let out and life was BUSY!  Life hasn't slowed down much since school let out.  I took the kids to the MS Gulf Coast to visit family and FIND SOME SUNSHINE (something we weren't having much of here in the NW).  We LOVED the sun and heat (my sister has a pool so that helped).  I guess everybody has something with regards to weather; we complain about the clouds/rain and the south complains about the extreme heat.  A happy medium would be nice.  I'm happy to say since we've returned from our trip we've had some sun and even a couple of days in the 80's :)  My kind of weather!

Can you tell they're having a good time?

My son loves all the critters that are available to catch....we are careful to be aware of the snakes!

 What's not to love?
Looking forward to posting more and reading all of your wonderful posts. 

I've learned it's a bit of a juggling act to keep up with posting and life's everyday
activities and distractions, but it's too much fun to stay away :)


  1. Loved all your happy pics!! My husband calls those little green lizards (or geckos) 'Insurance Salesmen' after the Geico Insurance commercial!
    Welcome BACK!!!

  2. Thanks, Linda! My son can't believe they sell those anoles (lizards) in the pet store :)

  3. Beautiful pics! My boys spent some time this past week catching turtles, so I can relate to the random lizards and such. Thanks for sharing.