Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another attempt at organization

Do you have a kitchen counter or tabletop that looks like this? 
(this actually looks pretty good)

 In our house, the kitchen counter is the place where all the mail 
and 'stuff' winds up.  Drives me crazy!

I recently purchased this wall hanging file system from Storables, 
and labeled 'mail slots' for my husband and kids.

I printed their names on scrapbook paper and attached the labels to the baskets.
The labels attached easily to the basket with these.
(can't think of the name of these?)
Now the baskets look like this.  They're right by the back door that we use all
the time to come and go, so they should be reminded frequently to check their 'mail'
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Thanks for hosting such fun parties, ladies!


  1. Just today I was feeling so frustrated by the amount of stuff in random places in the kitchen! This is a great idea! And those things are called brads, I think.

  2. Great idea! Love how the brads attach so easily in the wire mail slots! Looks great & good luck with the new system!

  3. Great idea - I hope it works. I have a similar arrangement very close to my kitchen island but my husband still dumps all his stuff on the island! I think it's a man-thing! x Sharon

  4. That's a great idea. Your labels are very cute. My husband has numerous mounds of stuff all over the place. OK, I do too!

  5. One end of my island is the spot that everything gets piled up. It's so annoying because it's just me & the hubs & we have a desk area in the hall that's perfect for mail & such but somehow it doesn't make it there!!

  6. Brilliant idea. I desperatly need these-I feel like I am drowning in mounds of paper!