Monday, May 16, 2011

Girl Scout love ~

My daughter is going on her Girl Scout spring camping trip this weekend.  Her troop will join several other troops for a fun filled weekend.  One of the special things the girls do is share "swaps" with other troops; little handmade mementos that are a nice memory of the weekend and all the new girls they met.

The girls troop leader came up with a flower vase idea for the 'swap'. 

The vase is a piece of penne pasta wrapped in tinfoil and stuffed with a packing 'peanut'.  
The peanut is needed to hold the toothpick flower stems in place.
Toothpicks are spray painted green and we attached a glue dot to the tip to add the decorative flower.

 Once the vases are filled we hot glued a pin on the back in order for the girls to 
be able to attach it to something.

I think these could also be cute pinned to some fabric and framed.
These hats are what our troop uses to hold 'swaps'.
These are some 'swaps' from last year.  The plastic egg with the ribbon 
is supposed to represent an octopus (cute idea).
This mermaid was made from plastic beads that you iron together.

Our troop did the foam smore' last year.  See the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmellow?
I'm linking to the following parties:
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!


  1. very adorable. I remember when my daughter was in scouts. Now someday maybe my grandaugher will be. great idea!

  2. Where did you find penne that had flat, not diagonal cut, ends?

    1. Use rigatoni instead of penne. It's flat on both ends.