Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can't find the sun ~

We're headed out of town for the Memorial Day weekend.  A few days in Sunriver will be a nice break, although there's not much sign of sunshine.   Here in the NW we're craving sunshine and warm weather.  The high today is 54 degrees.

It would, however, be a treat to see the wildlife that seems to be so comfortable with humans here. 

Wouldn't it be awesome to see this out of your back door while having your morning coffee?

Hope everyone has a safe Memorial weekend with some unexpected visitors!

(photo courtesy of google images)


  1. Hope you find the sun. It has been hot and dry here, but we finally got some rain tonight.

    Stay safe!

  2. Have a fun and safe trip! Girl, you should have come here if you want sun! We have been in the 90's! We need some of your rain! Enjoy your weekend and I hope Bambi comes to have coffee with you!

  3. I hope you found some. I heard they had snow in the Sunriver area over the weekend. Yikes!
    We have more than enough sun, I will send you some!!!

  4. Hey,, I came by to visit you via a friend and fellow blogger. My name is Karen, co~author of and I wanted to swing by and introduce ourselves ..We have meet so many wonderful christian woman via the blogging world.. Hope you can swing by a visit us some time soon.. I enjoyed your post, and look forward to becoming Blogging Buddies as well.. Have a great and blessed day..

  5. What a wonderful picture!!!