Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recycled Dress ~

I was looking through some of our old photo folders the other day and stumbled on some pictures 
of my daughter when she was about 18 mos. old.  She was wearing a blue dress that was MINE 
when I was a little girl.  The dress was handmade by my grandmother.  My mother was thoughtful
enough to keep several special outfits that were handmade.

 The dress has held up very well.
 You don't see this kind of detail in little girls dresses anymore.
My mother also kept a picture of me sporting the dress in 1967!
 One of my brothers had this side by side photo made and it's in my daughter's scrapbook.
 Maybe I'll have a 'granddaughter' that will wear it someday???


  1. So cute. You are right they don't make dresses like that anymore and the ones with the smocking are expensive.

  2. She is a darlling!! Love the pictue of both of you....what a treasure!! Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment! Have a great day. Anu

  3. Here in the south a lot of children still wear dresses like this. What a treasure, I hope you do have a grandaughter to wear it someday.

  4. Petie, that is so sweet! Very neat tradition.

  5. Oh my gosh what a great fortunate that your mother had a picture of you wearing that dress. My daughter had a few smocked dresses...I especially loved a pink and blue one she had. I kept a box of clothes for both of my kids but I don't remember if I kept that dress. Some day I'll have to venture into my attic and find out. Thanks for visiting my blog...have a great weekend! ~Ann

  6. I love that your daughter is wearing one of your dresses. I also saved some of my daugher's clothes and have enjoyed seeing them on my grandaughter. Priceless!