Monday, February 28, 2011

Just curious, how does dinner roll at your house?

It dawned on me this morning that dinner should probably start looking a little differently at our house.

It usually goes something like this....I make the dinner and prepare 4 plates of food (knowing exactly how each person likes theirs).  For example, my daughter doesn't like the different foods touching each other, my son needs his meat cut bite size or a 6 oz piece of chicken will be a bite size for him, and during the week my husband usually gets home after we've eaten, so his plate is in the microwave.

My kids are 10 and 12, so you're probably thinking to yourself, "Shouldn't they be helping themselves?"  Yes, they should be.  Sometimes it's just easier to get it all on the table myself, but tonight we tried something new....buffet style.  Granted, we were only having tacos, but it worked well and they seemed to like being empowered to get their own plates....they just needed a little reminding to try everything! 

I even planned ahead and served portions in dishes that can be used for frig storage after dinner.  Whatever was left on the stove would be added to these dishes and go straight to the frig for leftovers.

As a parent, I know I have to teach my kids independence....some days it's just easier to take charge (especially those days with softball practice and tennis lessons that hit between 4:30 and 6:00).

Wish me luck in this new independent adventure and let me know if you have any great tips you can share. 


  1. Dinner at your house looks really good! Good luck with this endeavor.....feeding a family is never easy!

  2. One of my husband's favorite things to eat is tacos! Good luck with your new "adventure!" :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog... we picked up my aunt at the airport and hid her at my brother's house, and the rest of the relatives stayed at a hotel until the day of the party.

  3. My grandchildren are the biggest challenge to feed that I have ever seen. Love them but their parents are picky eaters too. Never realized my son had it so tough when I was raising just get the chicken nuggets & Kraft mac and cheese because they won't even try anything else unless it's sweet. The 11 year old helps me cook so he is the adventurous one. he tries everything. Hoping the others will grow out of it. Your kids sound like they are ready to fix their own plates and probably a meal or two.

  4. I have a 18 year old and a 12 yer and I still plate their food.. not because they cant but because I like it. I really do lol My 18 is now at college but when she comes home she still sets the table and clears it. My 12 YO still get the drinks and napkins, and puts the plated dishes in front of each person. We even have an order of who gets their food first lol
    So I agree completely with you and good luck.. :)