Sunday, February 27, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

Do you watch the Oscars?  

I can't seem to avoid these award shows.  I love to see who's wearing what!

These were some of my favorites:

 Gwyneth Paltrow ~ so sleek
 Halle Berry ~ she is flawless
 Celine Dion ~ simplicity
 Hilary Swank ~ feathers are great
 Reese Witherspoon ~ classic look
 Jennifer Hudson ~ she deserves to show off her new body
 Rhea Durham (Mark Wahlberg's wife) ~ this is so unique
 Sandra Bullock ~ love her personality
Penelope Cruz ~ beautiful girl
  Natalie Portman ~ this wasn't one of my favorite dresses, 
but I like her and was glad to see her win.

* The only movie I've seen that was nominated for an oscar was Toy Story 3.  
I need to get out more...


  1. Great post! Louis Dean manned up and watched the Oscars with me. We had paused it on our DVR so we sailed right through the boring parts and most of the speeches!
    I saw Toy Story.....and Inception....and True Grit. Some of the others have not made it to the discount Starplex theater where I go every Tuesday!
    Loved the was a gala evening. we watched in our jeans and ate popcorn!

  2. gorgeous dresses!!! I haven't watched all of the Oscar's yet, but I DVR'd it- been seeing updates online though. I'm with you- I think I've only seen TS3 too!! LOL! I guess that's the stage in life we're at. I REALLY wanted to see the King's Speech before this weekend. Oh well.
    Hope you guys enjoyed your snow days last week! :)

  3. It's so nice to see colorful dresses... I seem to get stuck on black for everything!

  4. I love to look at the dresses too. Only saw True Grit and was very disappointed. not much into the new movies.

  5. Ha! This was the best overview of all the dress hoopla for the Oscars!!! Who needs People magazine?
    I think the only one I've seen is Toy Story as well!!!