Friday, January 7, 2011

Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

That's right, tomorrow kicks off Girl Scout cookie sales.   This is my daughter's 4th year selling and 
she really enjoys it.  The girls benefit from the program by developing skills such as goal setting, 
decision making, money management and people skills.  You can find out more information 
about the Girl Scout cookie program at their website here.

Here's a sneak peek at what's available!
Maybe a better view...

Some of the cookies are purchased specifically to donate to troops overseas through the Gift of Caring. 

 These are my personal favorites.  


What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?


  1. MIL bought me about 6 boxes I think. I LOVE ther peanut butter sandwiches and thin mints. My daughter (who is an ex-girl scout) loves the Carmel Delights! This is something I look forward to every year!

  2. You'd love my No Soliciting (except for girl scouts) sign on my front door. :)

    For the record my fav cookie is the thin mint!

  3. The thin mints are my favorite. I'm sure she'll sell her allotment because nobody doesn't like "Girl Scout Cookies".

  4. Thin mints. I always buy about 6 boxes and freeze half of them. Yummmmmmyyyyyyy!

  5. I've always enjoyed the caramel deLites. Think I just gained 5 lbs just thinking about them. ;) Hubs loves thin mints.

  6. Caramel deLites and Thin Mints. It's just wicked that these tempting treats release in January, when I'm resolved to eat right. (pout)

  7. The chocolate peanut-butter is the best-what a perfect combination of flavors. But I also love the thin mints.:)

  8. Those are my favorites! I don't miss my daughters' selling them, that's for sure! Good luck!!