Friday, January 14, 2011

I want to be a party planner when I grow up

My daughter turned 10 this week.  Double Digits!!!

I miss these days :(


She's turning into a beautiful young girl.

She's celebrating with her 'peeps' tonight with a sleepover. 6 girls spending the night.  They're going to play 'Minute to Win It' fun games that we've prepared.  Have you seen that show?  I think it's on NBC on Wednesday nights.  Contestants go through various challenges that they have to complete, without mistake, in 60 seconds.  Each time they advance they earn more money, up to a million if they're lucky.  The challenges are pretty easy to re-create with household items.  These are some we'll be playing.

  Stack Attack
Players have to stack all the cups into a pyramid and back down to a complete stack in 60 seconds.

 Junk in the Trunk
 Players must wiggle their bodies to knock 12 ping pong balls out of the box in 60 seconds.

On the Hook
Players must hook 3 keys on their 'fishing rod' in 60 seconds.

Bite Me
Players must pick up 5 bags of various heights with their teeth while their 
feet remain on the floor at all times in 60 seconds.

Noodlin' Around
Players must hold a piece of raw spaghetti in their mouths and slide 3
pieces of penne pasta onto the spaghetti in 60 seconds.

These initialed bags are for treats to snack on while we're playing games.

Goody bag items to take home - note journal, bubble gum scented pen, 
candy lipstick and, of course, a diamond ring!

Pizza and Fruit
Mississippi Mud Cake/Vanilla Ice Cream

Happy Birthday, Emily!

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  1. Oh how fun! I miss those days too. Enjoy!


  2. I think you could definitely be a party planner (professional, that is) right now. Such fun.

  3. This is such an awesome party idea! My daughter loves that show and has a birthday in February. Everything looks great. So glad I stopped by!

  4. Petie! This is beyond fabulous! I love the games and think you did such a great job putting it all together. My sis and I are going to be doing some Birthday themed weeks in the future and I would love to feature this then if that would be ok with you! It was the perfect way to celebrate such a milestone birthday. I'm sure your daughter just loved it!
    Thanks so much for sharing it at the party!
    P.S. Your daughter is beautiful! :-)

  5. FUN Party! The games looked great. When my son had a halloween party we played a few fun ones too. I have never seen junk in the trunk lol..very cute!

  6. What a great party planner you are-Your daughter and her buds will have a ball and great memories from such a fun night-fab job!

  7. What a totally fun party! She'll remember that forever!

  8. Great!!! You ARE a Perfect Party Planner! This looks like a blast for all! Loved this post and thank you for letting us sneek peek at the good memories in the making! Happy Birthday, Emily!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear daughter!You did a great job organizing the party! Everything looks to good and the games are really neat. I have never seen the show. Did you get the game ideas from there or how did you come up with them?

  10. Wow!!! You should be a party planner! I want to come to play all those games! I don't even want to think about Jemma turning 10. 5 was hard enough! For some reason, saying 4 still sounds little, but 5 is a big girl.

    Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  11. The party looks amazing! My daughter and I were talking about doing a Minute to Win In party too. What fun ! Love all your decor, it all looks great ! What a fun time!

  12. I love those games for a party! How much fun! That is really a great idea for any age, IMOP. This table scape is too cute! I love the colors you used and the chandelier decor is fabulous! Happy Birthday to your daughter, what a lucky girl!

  13. What a fun party and so creative! Great job mom!

  14. What a fun idea! My kids are too young for something like this, but I may have to bookmark it anyway {for the future!}. :)