Monday, January 10, 2011

I've spent the past week moving!

I decided over the holidays that we weren't using our office very efficiently.  We have a nice computer hutch in there that was home to a computer that hadn't worked in months, a couple of bookcases that held all the ugly office stuff; printer, shredder, phone books (does anybody use these anymore?), and, of course, a desk that was a catch-all. (Wish I had a before picture)

I posted back in August about setting the office up for my kids to do their I suspected they still like to do their homework in the kitchen, so they weren't using it either.  It was fair game!

I used to get all the day to day stuff done here at the KITCHEN desk, all the blogging, emailing, phone calls, appts, schedules, bill paying, recipe searching, etc  I had one file drawer which never seemed to have enough space for all the paperwork we feel obligated to hang onto.

Last week I began weeding out the office space to make the move from the kitchen.
Over the weekend, my husband was kind enough to get rid of the broken computer
and hook up the kids laptop notebooks to the large monitor for their viewing pleasure. 

This is what it looks like today...
(when I look at this picture all I can see is the cord under the desk, ugh!)
This shot is better (no cord).
I designated spaces for each of us....this is my bookshelf with some pretty accessories.
The cute cigar purse was made by my sister-in-law several years ago.
  A space to sit and blog and/or read.
  This is the 'family maintenance' bookshelf. 
It holds all the manuals for computers, phones, cameras, IPOD's, etc
 And, the kids baskets.  Anything small I find lying around goes in here so when they ask,
"Mom, have you seen my DS charger?"  I can say check your basket :)
This map of the world isn't the most attractive (maybe I should frame it?), but 
you'd be surprised how often we refer to it.  It's a necessity.
 The desk, or as I like to refer to it, 'moms area', has a great new view of outside.
Some great resources are close at hand!
This is a view directly into the room.
The computer hutch on the other side of the room is more for the kids space and the printer.

And, lastly, the ugly file cabinet I'm trying to hide in the corner.  It may not be pretty but it holds lots of paperwork!  It's also home to school supplies for the kids....something we always need close at hand.
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  1. Wow, this is not only an extremely organized and functional space, it's also beautifully decorated! I love your wall color ... and, I have that same pillow that is on your rattan chair (from World Market). I envy that you all have such a great home office for all to enjoy. Your kids must love it. (Love their baskets, by the way, with their precious pics on them.) Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great room and I love the wall color. I am really drawn to dark walls with white trim. What a nice office. Thanks in advance for linking to the party.

  3. I love all the changes you made. Looks like a great central hub for the family.

  4. You are awesome!!! When do you want to come to my house and organize??? Hmmmmm?????

  5. Petie, that is a beautiful room! I love it!!

  6. Beautiful! Organized AND pretty!! And guess what? EVERYONE has cords!!! Pretty much anyway! I love your home.

  7. I have to say - such a richness, feels very high-end. The paint colors, the rich wood. Excellent job! New follower, btw!

  8. I love this home office - Such a special place. When I saw the first picture...I said Oh, I would love to be able to look out that huge window while working.

  9. I think the room looks great! Love the rich warm color on the walls! I think you have organized and used the space quite well!

  10. Wow-this space looks phenomenol-very envious of your organizational skills-you are an inspiration to me!!

  11. Your office is so organized, something I need to do desperately.


  12. I'm trying to do the same thing ! Create a little niche for my computer and files, etc. Yours really looks great!!! I love your map! It looks good and you use it!

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