Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flea Market Treat

On our way home from Sunriver last week, we stopped in a quaint town here in the Northwest; Sisters, Oregon.  You can check it out here.  There are lots of great shops in town and I found these goodies at one of the antique stores.

 The tag on them said 'insulator'.
 When I purchased them I asked the gentleman at the counter how they were used.  
He explained that they were used to wrap power line cord.
  I found this picture on google.
 This is what they look like turned over.
I found this idea below at Donation 2 Decor. 

I might be inspired to try this on our new trellis next summer.  
Summer, that's just 5 months away, right?  


  1. Oh, I love insulators! All the ones I have are blue though, I love the trellis idea, very nice!

  2. We cleaned so many of those out of my MIL and mother's house and never thought they were worth anything. Of course this was years ago.

  3. I remember seeing these when I was a child! Very clever idea on how to use them now!

  4. ooh wonderful idea. So smart of you :)

  5. My Dad is a retired phone man and he has a collection of old insulators!! I have always thought they we so pretty, I have a few sitting at the window in my laundry room.

  6. Cool find! We love Sisters and miss it dearly. Did you stop by Sisters Coffee Co. for a fresh-roasted cuppa Joe? (best ever)

  7. Those are really neat! I've never seen them. Cute idea!

  8. What a cute way to display them. I have a few sitting in my kitchen window but that's an idea. I have an old iron thing with votives- I may have to change those out to the insulators! Thanks for sharing!