Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tree is Trimmed

We have done an ALL SANTA tree for the last several years and as much as I love the guy....I wanted something different this year.  I had these wooden ornaments that I ordered from a Southern Living party a couple of years ago.  They were my starting point.

  I was looking at ornaments in Target a few weeks ago and found
several that I really liked.  
I was leaning towards the browns, golds and creams.

I loved these guys.  They look great in the light of the tree.

These little gold pine cones were hard to pass up. 

These pretties were found at a Christmas Bazaar.  They were a great touch of
cream and I love the little crystals dripping from them.  
Kind of like tree jewelry!

Some pussy willow stems I had on hand are popped in here and 
there for some more texture and cream color. 

The tree skirt is a curtain panel I had laying around.  

I'm really enjoying my new tree color scheme.  My husband/kids like it too, after a little resistance.  Not to worry some of the Santa ornaments are hanging on a smaller tree in another room.  We didn't want to get on the 'naughty list'.

Merry Christmas to All!


  1. Beautiful Tree, Merry Christmas, Ginger

  2. Wow! Your tree and ornaments are so unique. Lovely!

    Merry Christmas!