Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chaos No More!

I'm talking about my 9yo daughter's bedroom, 
so I'm sure this will be short-lived organization.  
I'll take what I can get!

Like most 9yo girls she likes STUFF, and I'm embarrassed to say she has a lot of IT!

All the plastic pastel STUFF!

All the stuffed animal STUFF!

All the "I like to play school" STUFF!

And, the "tape everything I create to my wall" STUFF 
(to be honest, I'm glad she enjoys being creative)

All the miscellaneous STUFF!

All the dress-up and perform STUFF!

And, all the clothes....she gets that from her mother, literally.
I've always enjoyed shopping for clothes for her, BUT IT HAS TO STOP!

You can see here that she has plenty of storage pieces.

My goal was to somehow better utilize these pieces to control the STUFF.

So, I went to work, while she was at school, of course.

This is what I came up with...

There's still a lot of STUFF (especially on the walls), but 
I'm learning to accept it.  I'm pretty sure, "back in the day", my 
walls were covered with taped magazine pictures of Sean Cassidy, 
Leif Garrett and Donny Osmond.  Yikes!

 These white toy chests used to store toys in our playroom.  Now, I've pushed them together to make a "reading nook" for her and they still hold STUFF out of sight.

These toy chests already had foam cushion seats that I made a long time ago.  
I put the two pieces of foam together to fit inside the new "peace" cushion cover.  
My daughter really likes the color blue now (no more pink for her), so I'm trying 
to incorporate a little blue without re-doing the entire room.

This mirror over her new jewelry table was purchased at the 
Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1.  I spray painted it blue.

See mirror below to the right.

(If anyone has any great ideas for a better way to display trophies
please let me know.  They are taking over my kids rooms.)

This desk area was created with a tabletop and supports from Storables.  My daughter
gets a lot of use out of this desk area, always writing and creating.  

The desk top is covered with a piece of plexi glass so 
she can add pictures and drawings underneath.

I made this slipcover (note: I don't really know how to make slipcovers) several years ago. 
 This chair was my grandmothers and used to sit in our guest room.

More storage ideas...

And, in case you're wondering, she does have a dresser with clothes.  
I tucked it here.

Believe it or not, we did get rid of a lot of clothes.

In conclusion, still a lot of stuff, just a little better organized.  

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  1. What a lot of stuff. I think it just comes with the kids. You did a great job of organizing most of it. They have to share their creative side so the artwork on the walls should stay. You could make a giant framed bulletin board. They sell rolls of cork at craft stores. Just an idea. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Now, you can come to my house!!! I have to start going through Jemma's stuff and a lot of stuff it is!!! Ugh! You are good! I love the reading nook. That is clever! I also love her Art All the Time poster!! That is awesome and how wonderful of you to let her show off her artwork. For someone who doesn't do slipcovers... that is pretty good!!!!!

    I had Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett on my walls, but then broke up with them and it was all Duran Duran!!!!!

  3. I remember when the boys were little and how hard I tried to make cubbies like at preschool to keep their toys separated and picked up. They did pretty good but that is all part of being a kid!! The room looks great and you have done great with storage ideas!

  4. my girls loved it. great job, mom! ;)

  5. Oh wow! Petie this is amazing. I am salivating over here. I can't even walk into my 15 year old's room. I've kind of given up. But this here has given me a little hope.
    Thank you,

  6. Talk about inspired! I love the reading nook! That was a great idea! My youngest is now 13 but I remember the days of doing this while she was at school. (What they don't see thrown away won't hurt them! ha!)
    What a creative space for a creative little girl!

  7. You are right! Your daughter has a lot of stuff and it's only going to get worse!!! You've done a great job!!! As she gets older her storage is going to have to get taller with all of the stuff she's going to have!

  8. That is a great transformation and so organized. She must have loved it! I know they just keep on accumulating stuff and if we don't keep a handle on it, gets totally out of control!