Friday, November 12, 2010

Backyard Finale!

I've posted a couple of times about having some work done to update our backyard.  

Strange time of year to be doing this, but maybe we'll get in a
couple of hot cocoas and smores' around the fire pit before winter?!

This is what one corner of the yard used to look like.  

Same corner view, just a little further back.  Note trampoline on left side.

 And this is looking the other direction.  The yard is long and narrow.

 Work begins!  

Some of our goals were to set the trampoline back behind the side of the 
house, so it wouldn't be such and eye sore, add a water feature in the corner,
remove grass and replace with more usable patio space, and update 
the old pavers with stamped concrete (see old pavers above).

The water feature is coming together.

And, WA LA!  

(think I had just pulled some leaves out of the water 
leaving a drippy mess on the patio for the photo)

I'm really enjoying the waterfall noise.  I can hear it from the kitchen window.

We found out that it IS a good time of year to buy patio furniture....40% off :)

Insert fire pit between chairs (it's on order).

Trampoline is pushed back now, which makes it a 
little harder to spy on my kids misbehaving on it.

 Sadie is testing out the pavers.....I think she misses the grass!

 This is looking the other direction.  
We didn't have anything done to the grass/landscaping on the other end of the yard.  

The bench is for a little extra seating.  I wanted some kind of back on it for comfort and to add pillows next summer, so the designer added a back/trellis.  I'm hoping that the honeysuckle re-planted behind the bench will fill in the trellis nicely.

 We used stamped concrete on this side.

Can't wait to enjoy it next summer, after we get the fence/trellis stained, 
plant some large  pots to set around, and, of course, get those pillows 
made for the bench.  The projects are never ending!  

Only 8 more months until summer hits the Northwest, 
I better get busy just as soon as the holidays are over.   


On a side note, this is a shot of the front yard.  

Can you say fall?  

Underneath all those leaves are some of our OLD 
pavers re-used to make a path up to the front door.  

And now it's time to get serious about the holidays!


  1. I absolutely love your new back yard!! It looks amazing! What a great set up. I hope you do get to enjoy the firepit before you have to close it up until next summer.

  2. Great looking transformation. Love the little pond and waterfall. I love listening to trickling water. Hope you link up to before and after Party next week.

  3. Very nice! I like how you made that space into such an inviting area! I love the waterfall and the trellis bench! So pretty!

  4. Very nice... just give me the word and I'll be over for coffee nudges:) I mean you can't really expect me to wait 8 months!

  5. Wow, you have been so hard at work! Everything really looks the water feature :o)

  6. That is awesome! I love water features. They are so soothing! Looks great!

  7. Always best to buy off-season (patio furniture)! Lovely backyard-I really like your pavers! Great job!

  8. I like the transformation-good job. I really like the bench/trellis