Sunday, October 24, 2010

We had company this weekend...

...and I didn't even have to clean house for them.

Actually, they brought their own house (gotta love that).

Before you think, "rats", they're gerbils.  

My daughter did not appreciate us referring to them as rats.  

They are her 4th grade class pets, and they get to go home on the weekends with the kids.

 This is Curious.

And, this is George.

They came with everything we needed, food, exercise ball, chew toys...
they love to chew. 

They weren't supposed to bite, but they did nibble on the kids hands a little bit.

They're actually pretty friendly little guys.  
Every time we walked by the house they came out to say hi! 

See Sadie on the right?  They were great entertainment for her too!

They both look "curious" to me.

Back to school tomorrow.  We'll miss them.

My kind of guests, no clean-up before OR after :)

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  1. So cute! My boys had gerbils when they were little. We were told they were the same sex but apparently not. We ended up with babies, a never ending supply of babies!