Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Teach Your Children Well ~

(Can you hear Crosby, Stills & Nash finishing that title?)

This summer I tried to teach my kids the difference in the right way to do a chore, and the wrong way.  I firmly believe teaching a chore to a child is a chore in itself, but hopefully the pay off is well worth it.  
Patience is key!  

Some of the chores on their lists included cleaning their rooms (putting things in their place, not just sweeping them under the bed or in the closet....PATIENCE IS KEY), walk and feed the dog, unload the dishwasher (without breaking too many items...PATIENCE IS KEY), taking out the trash, watering plants, dust busting and sweeping, cleaning out the car, etc

The art of cleaning fingerprints off all the molding.

"Loving this job, Mom!"

Unloading the dishwasher, looks like 1st thing in the morning.

These were peeled by my daughter....I forgot to get the shot in progress.

Sadie, is always wondering when it's time for her walk???

 Funny, how most of the time I had to track down this sweet child for his chores...
he prefers having his picture taken when he's having a good time.

Trust me, he got his chores done too, it just usually 
required a little more reminding on my part.

They did a pretty good job keeping up with their chores, but now that school and sports have taken over our lives, there's hardly anytime for them to do anything else.  Between homework, school projects, sports practice/games, and the 
necessary "down time", their days are pretty full!

The good news is only 2 more weeks of sports!  
As much as I love watching them play sports, 
I'm looking forward to a change in the routine.   
They may not be so excited?!

What kinds of chores do your kids do? 
Any suggestions for getting kids enthusiastic about doing chores?  
(Is that a stretch?)


  1. I taught all four of my children to do chores and by the age of 12 any one of them could have run a home! I am happy to say they continue to be responsible people and can accomplish in a few minutes mroning and evening (chores) more than most people do all day! By the age of 2 they were 'folding' laundry....some of what we do is just practice I'm sure.....but it sets a good example as they 'grow' into their chores! Good JOB! Your kids are precioous and they WILL thank you.....later!

  2. Linda, you need to give us lessons!

    I make the four year old help out. She has to take her dishes to the sink, she helps me put clothes in the dryer, and she has to feed our dog. She has also started helping set the table, put her toys away and straighten up her playroom, and our newest adventure is she helps me dust! Wow! When I write it out, it seems like a lot, but it is actually very little during the day! I keep telling her that she is a responsible member of the family and has to help out!

  3. You are a very wise (and patient) Mama!

  4. After just cleaning the chicken coop I'm thinking it would be an excellent skill for my boys to learn:)

  5. So lovely, she is just gorgeous :)

    Have a happy day,

    K xx